royal-palmThe Roystonea Elata has a straight, cement-pole like trunk which develops an elongated bulge at the base or the central part of the tree. The trunk is very clean, smooth and white in color. It has visible, but not prominent ring scars.

The tree grows  60-100 feet tall. The Roystonea Elata is a fast growing palm, one of the fastest there are. Especially it grows very fast in the Florida region due its humid subtropical climate. In other states and regions it is considered a moderately fast palm.

The Florida Royal palm has a beautiful crownshaft of bright green pinnate leaves. There are usually 12-18 leaves in a crown. The palms can easily lose their leaves in high winds.

The striking and beautiful trees produce inflorescences just below the leaves. Flowers are enclosed in horn bracts. The horns are green on the outer side and white on the inner side. The flowers are unisexual, they grow in threes: one female and two males. White flowers are pleasantly fragrant. The strong smell emanates from flowers even from a height of 100 feet.

After flowering the Florida Royal palm bears fruits. The oblong drupes 1 inch in diameter are green when they are not fully ripe. The fruits turn purple to black when ripe.

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